Sunday Funday

This weekend we worked on projects around the house. Brian pressure washed the house, fixed the walkway, restained our door and filled in cracks around the house with dirt. He also wired his truck lights last night while everyone else was sleeping. Today we made a family trip to Home Depot to get what we needed to finish the projects. We took a break at McAllister's to have lunch. Now we are back at home winding down for a two day school week. The boys have enjoyed playing outside and "helping" us.

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FBCF Parade

We went as a family to enjoy the parade. Bonnie and Little Miss Kynlee joined us. We were able to get there early enough to get a good spot in front of the professional building. There was a week cold front that made the weather really nice. Trace and Travis loved seeing the firetrucks, horses and motorcycles. We also got to see Aunt Laura and Cale in the parade. Bonnie and I saw alot of our current and former students in the parade. They were participating with many different activties- football, dance, church... It was a great morning. Trace took a nap and then we had lunch together, and all 3 boys got haircuts. Brian and Travis took a load of hay to Sweet Home, and I took Trace to the Dr. Dr. Y prescribed him some antibiotics for an infection. Hopefully his snotty nose will go away and he can breathe better!

5 months

Trace, you are 5 months old. You are growing like a weed. Here is what you are up to:
*You are 22 pounds. You can still fit in your six month clothes but the 9 month clothes fit better. You are wearing alot of the things that Travis wore when he was a month or two older than you.
*You eat 4 or 6 ounce bottles about every 3 hours during the day and when you are not napping. You are eating all kinds of food and Dad even sneeks in some sweets for you to try like icing off of a cupcake. You like peaches, green beans, and peas. You eat food twice a day.
*You are beginning to get up in the middle of the night again. For a while there we had an easy baby! Now, you sleep from about 8:30 to 2 or 3 and then wake up. When you wake up, I put you in bed next to me and then give you a bottle. You finish the night in bed next to me and Dad. I don't get the best sleep, but I LOVE having you cuddle next to me. I know it won't last long so I am trying to enjoy every second!
*You are teething like crazy. It took a while but you had your 2 bottom teeth pop up at one time. I thought that you were getting more teeth, but still no visible sign of any more just yet. Just the fun teething cues like having both fists in your mouth, drooling, fussing, a ton of dirty diapers and diaper rash. Fun, fun!
*I moved you up to size 3 diapers. You are so big!
*You are trying to crawl and sit up on your own. When we lay you on your back, you try your hardest to do a sit up and sit straight up. When you sit up, you are able to sit there a little bit until you get too top heavy and fall forward. You don't want to miss anything. Also, you are trying to crawl. You are army crawling except for when you get really excited. Then you lay on your belly and throw your arms and legs out and it looks like you are flying. You are getting up on all fours and trying REALLY hard to put it all together. Yikes! You are already on the move.
*Mommy, Daddy, and Trace love you very much. Your brother has been singing you songs on the way to Mrs. Rose's in the morning.


Brian went to the deer lease in Sonora to take the camper and do a little hunting. (There is no season on axis.) He came back with a 29 inch axis buck! I prefer axis meat FAR more than deer meat. Axis meat is very similar to beef but with even less fat. Now we have a whole freezer full!

All of them came home with meat!

Random Part 1

I'm sure there will be more random posts since I haven't updated in so long. I like to try and take pictures of the boys every once in a while for no reason. Here you can see that Trace is a thumb sucker. It is SOOO cute now, but hopefully it won't turn into a problem later!

The boys watching truck videos on you tube.

Working with Daddy

Okay, let's see if I an keep this updated now.... We have had a crazy summer. Today Brian took Travis to work with him. They are harvesting the rice. I came out to bring them lunch and pick Travis up. When I got there, they were having trouble with one of the combines. Travis is "helping out" by measuring some of the pieces. Brian reported that he was a GREAT boy while they had to work on the equipment. Here are some pictures I got while I was out there. I didn't stay too long because it is SOO hot.

He was not too happy that I was taking pictures of him. He was doing serious work out there!

Unloading the combine...

Me and Trace as we watched from INSIDE the car. Ha!

Travis LOVES going to work with Daddy! When Brian put him in the car he told Travis, "thank you for all your hard work helping me." Travis replied "you're welcome" with a look on his face like he had done most of the work. :)

Trace is here!!!

Trace Austin Riendeau

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